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Face Time

By: Alistair Kyte

Single guys looking to meet women should forget listening to the so-called experts in their lives. You know the type; they say things like, “a bar is the worst place to meet women,” or the always poignant, “the minute you stop looking, that’s when it’s going to happen,” but why listen? These friends are usually in serious long-term relationships and haven’t dated in years. What do they know about being single today?

Clearly, the best place to meet women is any place you’ll find lots of them. It’s that simple. At university or the office, at bars, the gym, the library, the beach, Weight Watchers, it really doesn’t matter. Surround yourself with loads of women, and you’ll increase your odds of meeting one who’s attracted to you.

For example, your friends likely ridicule you for your abusive relationship with Facebook, but what they probably don’t know is that the female-to-male ratio on the social networking site has hit an all-time high. According to the website, the female/male ratio hit 1.35 to 1 (for U.S.-based users). This female dominance existed in every age-bracket as well, with some 2.3 million more women than men in the generally horny 35 to 44 category, which means cougars are prowling Facebook in droves. Rwroar!

Studies have shown Canada leads the world in per-capita Facebook usage. In July of 2008, it was reported that 40 percent of the Canadian population has a Facebook account. So all you single guys who request hundreds of new friends a week and regularly check out the pages of every female friend you have, just to see if they’ve recently broken up, should feel a little less creepy today. More 'Face' time may actually lead to more dates.

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