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The Face of Belmez

By: Eric J. Leech

The horror stories behind ancient burial grounds have kept many sleepless children awake through the night. The sacred grounds where those before were laid to rest, often become hotels, restaurants, and even residential neighborhoods. There is debate over the mysterious faces which appeared in a cement kitchen floor in Belmez, Spain nearly 40 years ago. Some believe them; others say they were a hoax. The story goes...

One August, home owner, Maria Gomez, noticed a dark stain on her kitchen floor. Over the next couple weeks, the stain developed into the outline of a face that grew in detail with each passing day. Terrified, her husband and son broke up the unwanted visitor, replacing it with fresh cement. As the cement cured, new forms began to push up through the floor, almost as if the activity had awoken something. Many of the new faces were now accompanied by a body.

Their tormented expressions haunted the family, bringing friends, family, and paranormal seekers to behold this anomaly. The attention reached public officials who ordered the floor dug up. Countless headless skeletons were found beneath the cement slab. Onlookers could only imagine the horror behind each of their stories. The floor was once again replaced, only to have new faces come back. In 2004, an EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) recording revealed a faint whisper, “I want to leave.”

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