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The Only Constant is Change

By: Nicole Chrysostum-Murray

Go from well dressed to best dressed with spring’s dapper and daring fashion trends


Here are a few of spring’s top trends to help you seize the warm weather days and nights


“If it ain ’t broke don’t fix it ” may be your motto for resisting wardrobe upgrades or expanding your colour and style choices , but imagine if HP thought the Commodore 64 was as good as the personal computer could get or if Apple nixed the idea for the iPod , since the cassette -bearing , push -of -a-button Sony Walkman already gave us music on the go  Although stability is golden in times of uncertainty ; breaking from your clothing customs, even when change seems as rational as betting on the 135lb welterweight vs. the 250lb champ, can lead to a more polished , highly coveted , and often imitated , but never duplicated version of you .


In the trenches


Charting a new fashion course doesn’t always require a drastic detour, especially when the style staple has universal appeal. To make your outerwear stand out, let the inner GQ shine through – a bold, checkered or striped lining makes the conventional black or blue trench coat both classic and cool. For chilly postal codes where buttoning up in spring is a must, go for longer, ‘roll back and reveal’ sleeves. If throwing caution and practicality to the wind is a part of your 2010 game plan, don a pastel, two-toned or vivid, multi-pocket trench; but, be sure to add the swagger to carry off these eye-catching variations.


Out of Africa


Instead of exploring the urban jungle hotspots in your customary chinos or jeans, capture the attention of the female species in head-to-toe safari gear. From Indiana Jones-inspired hats in brown, grey and green to animal print jackets, vests, and slacks, this modern twist on vintage vacation attire is the essence of fearless fashion. With all the compliments you’re sure to earn, stay grounded with high-cut, laced up boots or sturdy, yet stylish, leather sandals. But, like the other take-charge trends this spring, be sure to choose the cut, colour and length that best suits your shape and height; and, above all else, bring your A-game.


Broad Appeal


Designs that make ladies look wider are as appealing as the bar dude dropping lines like “what’s your sign?”; but, horizontal stripes on your polo tops and light sweaters creates a broad, confident chest, and adds colour and dimension to an otherwise lo-fi look, which could lead the girl at the bar to ask “can my friends come too?” But, bench pressers beware, if your upper body is much bigger than your lower half, opt for a thinner stripe to avoid the illusion of you toppling over.


Steal the show


Move over black, brown, and grey; brighter days are ahead with teal, the sexy shade that commanded the spotlight at spring fashion shows from New York to Milan. Thanks to this vibrant, blue-green mash up, your supporting cast days are over, gents - all eyes will be on you and her this season. And the best part, going from runway to reality is easy, no complicated style strategy required. Team up teal dress shirts, T-shirts, polo tops or lightweight sweaters with white cotton or denim pants. Teal shorts just need a white shirt and runners to put you center stage, and a teal blazer or zip up jacket over any shirt and jeans is a guaranteed show stopper.


Piping Hot


The temps outside are heating up, but spring’s array of jackets, vests and suits with piping will have fellas looking scorching hot inside. From subtle, light blue or grey piping around the lapels to bold, black piping around the collar and pockets of a white suit, this suave style is tailor made for any personality. Don one of these pieces and I dare the room not to notice you.


Roll with the times


Who says fashion can’t be functional? From the beach to the streets, the sensible solution of rolling up your pant legs, to avoid getting the bottom wet, is also this season’s trendy take on mixing business with pleasure. But, before you bare those ankle bones take note of a few ready to wear rules:


Apply this trend to casual, looser fitting pants; a rolled, narrow-leg suit pant that tightly hugs your calf is just wrong! Rolling shouldn’t replace tailoring, don’t buy pants that are too long; a stylish cuff should look neat, not nerdy.


Pair with clean, preppy runners, casual loafers, or sandals; cuffed cotton or khaki pants and formal dress shoes are a match made in fashion misfit heaven.


Best of both worlds


Like jumbo shrimp and casual sex, the fashion phrase ‘dressy casual’ is an oxymoron that’s often used, and equally confusing. So, what’s this spring’s take on the duelling description? Toss the ties and throw on a light grey suit with a pastel, button-down shirt or white crewneck T; or, go for Grooming Gold by topping off a beige argyle vest, pink shirt and linen slacks with a light brown jacket. Your shoe options range from casual, solid coloured runners to soft leather slip-on loafers. Ditch the weighty wingtips until the fall.


Livin’ the high life


It’s like a rookie whose perfected Magic Johnson’s sky hook and LeBron James’ slam dunk; the next generation of high top, designer sneakers are unstoppable. With premiere labels from coast to coast unleashing new school variations of the old school classic, this rugged and refined footwear will make it even easier for you to flow from day to night to day in style. But, remember fellas, beer doesn’t go in a wine glass and these shoes aren’t made for worn-out sweat suits.

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