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BLOND:ISH - Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

By: Remi L. Roy

 It’s not uncommon to see DJs Vivie -Ann and Anstascia dressed in nurse uniforms or Mexican ponchos, wearing fake moustaches and firing bubbles from toy pistols. BLOND:ISH relish the party and view their music as they do their lives, as a comedy .


For laughs, the ladies attach the prefix blonde to everything from entourage to London. Having recently moved to the U.K. from Montreal, the duo’s new home is now known as ‘Blondon’; when they tour, it’s their loyal ‘blondtourage’ that follows.


“Entourage is a show on HBO,” the two point out in tangent, laughing over the line from Blondon, with Anstascia adding: “And blondtourage is the name we use to describe our loyal following of fans that made us who we are today.”


Even mixes with seemingly serious titles like Cocaine and Champagne and Hollywood Diet are, “a parody of some sort,” says Vivie-Ann. “We’re not ever serious. Champagne and cocaine were so last year. This year it’s heroine and cognac!”


Vivie-Ann and Anstascia are party pranksters, seldom sober after six on Saturdays, yet unwavering in their dedication to the genre of their choice. BLOND:ISH have a unique take on house music, which is a welcome addition to eardrums and nightclubs alike. Equally comfortable playing their mix of electronic vocal house ‘with a tinge of tech’ in a basement for 12 people, or on a beach for 12,000, they stress, “We like to play for an educated models and bottles crowd. But we also love underground parties because we have more creative freedom,” says Vivie-Ann.


In addition to playing shows across the globe – at some of the most exclusive party spots in Venezuela, Ukraine, Mexico, the U.S. and the U.K., to name a handful of the countries they’ve gigged – BLOND:ISH have also recently recorded two pilots for a web series that will be streamed this spring. “Basically we go around to different cities with a camera crew and choose the best hotel, the best restaurant and the best nightclub in that city,” explains Anstascia enthusiastically. “It’s called 12 Hours with BLOND:ISH!”


The ladies credit work on the social-networking front for much of their recent success. A Google search for ‘blondish’, for instance, turns up the duo’s MySpace, Facebook and Twitter pages before their official website. It may be their sense of humour comes across more effectively in 140 characters or less.


To mark their 101st Twitter post, they wrote: “Hey baby, why don’t you come over to MySpace so I can Twitter your Yahoo! until you Google all over my Facebook.” When they reached the 2,000-fan mark on Facebook, they gave away Ts and CDs to the first three people to answer correctly, “Alone,” when asked, “How do blonde brain cells die?”


While the two admit to “having their moments,” blonde stereotypes are, for the most part, lost on Vivie-Ann and Anstascia. Though they still giggle like schoolgirls at a sleepover when together, BLOND:ISH are the antitheses of blonde bimbos. In fact, they consider Paris Hilton “an insult to our shade.” Visit:

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