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Music Buzz: Keith and Renee

By: Andréanne Sasseville

Who are they:

A sympathetic duo that is musically joined at the hip.


Their sound:

Fun filled, smooth and entertaining folk pop artistry. They are musicians, singer-songwriters and entrepreneurs.



Winnipeg, Manitoba (they still live there).


Band name history:

They weren’t always a duo. They were a four-piece band called Easily Amused for close to ten years. When their drummer and bass player left, it was time to play up the duo act and move on to something that felt close to their heart: Their own names – it’s simply who they are.


Musical Inspiration/ philosophy:

Both artistically oriented as well as business savvy, they’ve managed to stay a ‘working’ indie band for all this time. They are a strong team and just like yin and yang, when one is down, the other is there to help them up. On the music front, their tastes run from The Beatles to Sheryl Crow. They are fans of Tegan & Sara.


How it all started:

While probably destined to do this, Renee says she never ‘thought’ she could turn her passion for music into a career. Up until she met Keith. They met while still in school (her in hair-styling school and him studying to be a teacher – this happened twelve years ago when he went to hear her sing at Church!) and began writing. Keith quickly pushed for them to go on the road – Renee wasn’t ready. So they parted for a year and when they re-connected, the musical journey officially began.


Favourite city to play and why:

They’ve toured across North America and over the years, they’ve had numerous College tours in the USA. “NYC is definitely one of our favourite spots. There is so much character to this city and energy there. It’s alive.”


What else they do:

Avid supporters of charities and social causes, they are ambassadors for ‘Free the Children’. They combine their performances with school visits.


If they weren’t passionately involved with music they would...

Renee says ‘Fashion’. She actually has a clothing line ( that was distributed in various stores (sorry guys, this is for the gals) – she makes halter shirts and necklaces. She hasn’t had much time to keep up these days! For Keith: Probably managing bands.


You should check them out because:

·         They have independently (and successfully) released three albums and are working on the release of their fourth one titled Detours for March 2010.

·         Their single Good Year was beamed to millions of households via placements on an AT & T ad, a Canadian Idol segment and a Degrassi Next Generation episode.

·         They were featured as one of the year’s most important acts to watch for by the NYC Pop Culture Magazine.




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