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Tail-Great Party

By: Alistair Kyte

Few things beat that roadie with your boys down to catch the closest NFL team in action, but when you cross the border, make sure you show them Canadians tailgate with style. Here are five tips to remember when you’re at your next tailgate in the Southern 48.

1. Forget that fancy gas-fired Weber, real tailgating is about the moment charcoal meets ridiculously unsafe amounts of lighter fluid. Just get yourself an old oil-barrel, cut it in half, chuck it in the back of your pick-up, and crank the Lynyrd Skynyrd.

2. Back bacon and maple syrup. Goes on everything, so bring plenty of it.

3. Canadian beer is a must, so dazzle the masses with one of our many magnificent microbrews. Creemore is always a good call on game day.

4. The token CFL jersey. Nothing says road trip like the guy at the 49ers game wearing the BC Lions Doug Flutie throwback.

5. Some self respect. Don’t be that shirtless drunk guy who gets arrested for peeing off the 700-level concourse, and then has to call his Mom for bail money. On Sundays, the jails in Orchard Park, NY, are littered with the shattered dreams of Canadian NFL super fans. Act like you’ve been there before.

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