Vancouver, B.C.

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What is your occupation ?

Actress / Model

What are some of your hobbies and interests ?

I love to travel, shop... I love reading a great book with an even greater glass of wine. I enjoy spending time with the people who I love most and I love driving my car.... I enjoy dancing and dining out and I can't wait to see the world as life goes on.

What is your greatest fear ?

My greatest fear is dying for something stupid like a silly bee sting or another drivers' stupidity.

What turns you on ?

Loyalty, respect, confidence

What is your favourite body part?

Oblique muscle

What is your favourite car ?

Bugatti Veyron

What is one characteristic that you don't like about yourself ?

I wish I had a longer torso

What gives you the most satisfaction ?

Booking a gig.. and a 5 star steak dinner ;)

Tell us about your best date

My best date was being taken up to Whistler for a night of lavish dining, exclusive partying, heavenly sleeping on a king sized hotel bed... followed by caesars on a sunny patio and couples massages at the spa.

What talent do you wish you had ?

I wish that I could sing beautifully

What challenges you the most ?

Pushing for my career in one of the toughest industries out there

What is your favorite food ?

Steak, medium-rare

What's at the top of your to do list in life ?

Obtain success in my career and have a family

When are you the happiest ?

When I am with the love of my life.And also... when I am driving in my car with my favorite music blaring, going over any bridge in Vancouver.... or driving the sea-to-sky highway up to Whistler. EPIC BEAUTY.

Who is your hero, living or dead ?

My father

What do you do to relax ?

Have a glass of wine

What is your philosphy on life ?

Do the best you can with what you know at the time - no one can ask any more of you than that.

What is the best compliment you ever received ?

Being told that I have my grandmothers' eyes.

Who is your biggest influence ?

I am.

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Thin & Curvy

Eye colour


Hair colour

Dark Brown



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Skin tone/colour

lightly tanned

Previous modeling work that you have done

See resume www.raquelriskin.com