Vancouver, B.C.

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What is your occupation ?

Model/ Forms Administrator at a Strata Company

What are some of your hobbies and interests ?

I really enjoy doing a lot of things that boys like to do. Put me in front of an old supernintendo or nintendo console and i can be there for hours! I enjoy playing pool, basketball mainly cause i'm pretty good at it =pI also love to write... anything from poems, stories to random jibberish that can be transformed into a song.

What is your greatest fear ?

Losing my loved ones.

What turns you on ?

Strengh and Confidence

What is your favourite body part?

My butt, yup i got some jlo goin on!

What is your favourite car ?

Range Rover

What is one characteristic that you don't like about yourself ?

Too blunt.. i say it like it is

What gives you the most satisfaction ?

Being successful in anything i do and doing things that are out of the norm for me... which is a lot.. i'm a shy girl believe it or not. =)

Tell us about your best date

He came over, brought some dinner and dessert. We had a mini picnic in my living room and i cuddled next to him after as we watched a movie and he fed me Golden Grams!

What talent do you wish you had ?

I wish i could juggle.. i can barely juggle just two objects and i don't think three or four will ever happen. lol

What challenges you the most ?

Getting up in the morning.. i'm totally not a morning person at all.. come back after lunch =)

What is your favorite food ?

Anything chicken!!! woo!

What's at the top of your to do list in life ?

To travel. Everywhere! I've only really gone as far as Portland in the States.

When are you the happiest ?

When i'm with my puppies!

Who is your hero, living or dead ?

My mom, she made me the strong woman i am.

What do you do to relax ?

I love taking bubble baths.

What is your philosphy on life ?

Never take anything for granted, nothings promised and life is too short.

What is the best compliment you ever received ?

That i looked like Megan Fox in a photo shoot!True or not i love her. She makes me question my sexuality sometimes lol .jk.

Who is your biggest influence ?

My family, i really care what they think and they drive me to be a wise person. I would never want to let them down or think ill of me.

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