Barrie, Ontario

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What is your occupation ?


What are some of your hobbies and interests ?

I rollerblade, alot. I like extremes too, so any staircase under eight steps is my passage way. I am a published writer. I love being alone. I don't believe that any time spent alone can be bad for you, unless you allow it to be. I have no limitations for the things that will take me further in life. Beyond all the mistakes I have made, every single one of them made me who I am. I regret nothing I've done, only the things I haven't done....yet.

What is your greatest fear ?

My greatest fear, is that I will pass away before doing something significant and being more than just a consumer. That I will grow old, before I have accomplished everything I was put on this planet to do. I am afraid, to just BE. I have a strange phobia of seaweed touching my feet underwater. ;-)

What turns you on ?

A single father, who at first glance, you can see just how committed to their life he is..hmmm and a man who isn't afraid to sing when it starts to rain...

What is your favourite body part?

the neck

What is your favourite car ?

Yellow McLaren F1

What is one characteristic that you don't like about yourself ?

Im kind of scatter brained. I have a little problem remembering certain dates, and times.... :-s

What gives you the most satisfaction ?

I love to work out. I am a very defined soul. After a good switch up in my routine, when I feel that burn through my entire body, and my head is full with contentment, (im going to be a personal trainer) When I complete my school work with enough time to catch the sun setting on my day full of productive desires, and my blades are on my feet. I feel at these times that no matter what happens next, I'm ready for it.

Tell us about your best date

The best date I ever had, was when I had other plans. I was getting dressed in my bedroom, and there was a noise at my window. I looked out to see that my friend whom I made plans with, had done it to make sure her cousin had a chance to set up my backyard, with tiki torches and a bbq dinner set for two. It was the geekiest plan ever. And to top it off, insanely enough, this was on the exact date of a meteor shower...that will not be seen again for another thirty years..

What talent do you wish you had ?

I wish that I could play the piano. Nothing is more beautiful, than the sound of someones heart being played through a piano.

What challenges you the most ?

Being a good person. There is so many things in life that challenge you to stay composed, and intact. Alot of times it would be easy to just fall apart, or snap. But one thing that will take you the furthest in life, I do believe is the way you handle yourself in a bad situation and the way you treat other people along the way. Things always come back around, so do unto others, AND your planet, as you would want done to you.

What is your favorite food ?

Sandwiches. And whole salty Avacados.

What's at the top of your to do list in life ?

To learn as much as i possibly can, before i take what gifts I have been given and pay it forward.

When are you the happiest ?

When I am alone, blading in the breeze. Or when someone is showing progress in fitness and what I have taught them.

Who is your hero, living or dead ?

My step father.

What do you do to relax ?

You don't want to know. ;-)

What is your philosphy on life ?

You cannot direct the wind, you can only adjust your sails.Life is a bitch because if it were easy, it'd be a slut that may not be worth the f*ck. (ooops, sorry) if that was alittle rude. Im a very VERY blunt person.I say it like I see it.Be good, or be good AT it.

What is the best compliment you ever received ?

The first time my mom said Im a woman. ( Being on my own since 13, i've been waiting to hear that a long LONG time.)

Who is your biggest influence ?

Myself. No one had the influence my imagination had on me. Everything crazy I have done in my life, was because no one I knew had done it yet... So it was the only way to find out what would happen if....

Dress size



5'4 163 cm

Shoe size





Muscular & Slim

Eye colour

dark brown

Hair colour

hazelnut brown


34 D

Waist size


Hip size


Skin tone/colour

medium peach

Previous modeling work that you have done

Friends portfolio build, so none. :-)