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Overall Rating: 78
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Address: 158 1/2 Rideau St
City: Ottawa
Manager: Shawn Mahmoud
Province: Ontario
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Bar's Phone #: 613-860-8261
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Music Type: TOP 40 / Mash Up / House
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Lobby Members Nightclub is an exciting and original concept for Ottawa that will feature a state of the art venue inspired by fashion and sophistication. Lobby Members Nightclub will be an escape from the dullness of everyday life where members can let loose while still networking with some of the country¹s most influential people.

Experience and indulge in the world¹s finest things; Lobby Members Nightclub will always leave you wanting more with its exclusive and extensive alcohol menu, beautiful and elaborate decor, state of the art sound and light system, personalized service, professional and experienced staff and unparalleled bottle & VIP service.

For all bottle service or reservations, email or call Ryan,

- Small Food Plates with Bottle Services at not extra charge
- Exclusive Valet Service
- Bathroom Attendants with all the Amenities and Beauty Products you would need
- Responsible Choice on Location to get you home Safely
- 2nd Floor Floating Patio

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158 1/2 Rideau St


TOP 40 / Mash Up / House


Depends on the day


Fridays - Fashion Fridays
Members Only
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